Inspiring a love of learning

Hoe Valley Free School will be a new 11 – 18 mainstream secondary school to serve the local children of south Woking at a time when school places are running out and parental choice is disappearing.

The school is being founded by local parents, teachers and school leadership experts and will provide our children with an education to equip them for the 21st century by focusing on 4 key needs:Hoe VAlley Free School

  1. We want our children to be creative, independent thinkers
  2.  We will provide our children with great skills as well as academic credentials
  3. We believe that children perform best in a small school with a caring atmosphere
  4. It will be a school that values and enhances the local community


The planned opening for the school is September 2015, for more of an idea of what is involved please have a look at our Project Timeline Page.